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After reflecting on how to strategically bring the brand closer to families, we completely reinvented the La Petite Bretonne brand.

This included redesigning the graphic platform while taking into account two important considerations: the specific codes used in supermarket bakery sections and the warm, people-focused values behind this proudly Quebecois family business. The logo is set against a beige background, reflecting the flour used to make their products. The font is slightly puffy, like dough rising as it bakes. The illustration of the "Petite Bretonne" girl was redesigned to give her a more authentic and confident look. As a result of these changes, the brand now has a strong, contemporary, relatable and proud image.

For the product line, we developed a pared-down design that leaves room for the new logo and allows the new navigation colours to stand out so that consumers can find what they're looking for with ease. Orange, the brand's distinctive colour, is the common theme.

La Petite Bretonne

Jouer Pause
  • Strategy

    Justine Benoit et Benoit Mc Nicoll

  • Creative Direction

    Benoit Mc Nicoll

  • Art Direction

    Noëmie Pagé

  • Illustration

    Noëmie Pagé

  • Photo

    Tango et Julia Marois

  • Video

    Janis Mc Nicoll

  • CGI

    Baillat Studio

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